Harvest Risk Management's Philosophy

If you succeed, we succeed. It’s a simple concept that provides clarity in an increasingly complex industry. At Harvest Risk Management all of our efforts are focused on helping to ensure the financial stability and success of the American farmer.

From our point of view, we aren’t just selling insurance. We regard the wide array of crop insurance products as a vehicle that provides revenue and income protection for the people who grow America’s food. These are people we know wellpeople whom we respect.

Even more important, that’s why Harvest Risk Management puts top priority on professional risk management specialists who know the crop insurance landscape as well as understanding the challenges America’s farmers face.

Doing a good job for our customers is more than just good business. At Harvest Risk Management, it’s a matter of pride.

Being integrally linked with American agriculture, we’ve been at your side as the playing field has dramatically changed. As farms have become fewer and larger and reliance on government programs has increased, so have the pressures to remain competitive and profitable. 

Crop insurance has evolved from a band-aid for crop catastrophes to an essential element in every farmer’s financial management toolbox. It’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario and choosing the best option isn’t always clear. That’s why Harvest Risk Management has developed analytical tools to help tailor a risk management program that reflects the specific needs of its friends and customers.
Harvest Risk Management is an equal opportunity insurance provider. 

Non-Discrimination Statement

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