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May 15, 2007

The deadline is July 15th for Acreage Reporting.  Your agent will meet with you before July 15th to go over the acreage reports.  Iowa’s deadline is June 30th.

When certifying your acres with the county, please get duplicate copies of your producer prints.  A copy will be for your records and one for your agent. 

The second annual Customer Appreciation Outing with the Cougars will be held on Wednesday,   August 1, 2007.  The game starts at 6:30 p.m.  There will be a pre-game family picnic beginning at 4:30 p.m. with food and beverages included.  More information will follow.

Harvest Risk Management offers hail coverage.  If you already have a Multiple Peril Crop Insurance policy with John Deere, hail coverage can be added onto you current policy. 

We also offer competitive rates for hail coverage with other companies.  Wind coverage is available with AIM.

If you had hail coverage in 2006 with John Deere it will automatically carry over to 2007 unless you sign a cancellation form.  A new application is required if hail plans or dollar per acre coverage is revised.  You have until July 15th to add or change your hail coverage.

Remember, hail, fire, and vandalism are not covered perils under GRIP.

As you begin your spring planting, we wanted to remind you that your RA, CRC, and APH policies contain replant protection.  If you think you may need to replant more than 20% of a unit or 20 acres (whichever is less), please call us before you replant.  In many cases, an adjuster will permit you to replant without an inspection.

By the way, the maximum replant payments for revenue policies will be $32.48 per acre on corn and $24.27 per acre on soybeans.  The maximum for APH policies will be slightly less.

Although it looks like planting season is going very smoothly, you may have some ground that cannot be planted before the final plant dates.  Those dates for RA, CRC, and APH policies are June 5 for corn and June 15 for soybeans.  You can plant after those dates, but your coverage will be reduced by 1% per day.  Your other option is to not plant anything on that ground and you will be eligible for 60% of your coverage amount if you meet certain qualifications.  Please call your agent if it looks like you may have a prevented planting claim.

Before replacing a crop insured under the RA, CRC, or APH plans with a different crop during the same crop year, please call your agent.  This could include replacing a fall- planted wheat crop with corn or replacing a corn crop with soybeans.  You need to call your agent because replacing crops can have implications with your future average yield or with the insurability of the replacement crop.

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